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Guide to Archer Zhen Leveling

Table of Content
1.1 Introduction
2.1 Basic Necessities
3.1 Places you can go
3.2 Weeping Isle
4.1 AOE team
4.2 Lurers
4.3 Zhens
5.1 Guide to set up AOE
5.2 Pk type of AOE
5.3 Duel type of AOE
6.1 FAQs

1.1 Introduction
Many of you may have heard on World chat about AOE leveling. But some of you may ask, what is AOE (Area of Effect) leveling? AOE leveling means that you and your party secures a spot, and you guys kill as much mobs as possible around the specific area. AOE leveling have both its upsides as well as its downsides. We are going more into detail on that later. There are specific requirements to AOE level. One must be level 6x and above in order to AOE, mainly because AOE leveling for archers focuses on one and one skill only, Arrows Bombards.

2.1 Basic Necessities
- Bronze/Silver HP Hierogram (doesn't matter really, just for survival's sake)
- MP Hierogram (Important)
- A Good solid Bow or xBow
- Transcendental Scrolls (ensure fast leveling)
- Good Armours

3.1 Places you can goto be edited
- Level 60-70 - East of Peach Docks
- Level 65-75 - Pirates, Weeping Isle (YKD)
- Level 70-80 - West of Dream Searching Port
- Level 70-80 - Wolves, Land of Heart Burning
- Level 75-85 - Spiders, South of Eastward Screen Town

3.2 Weeping Isle
There is a boat at Dream Searching Port with a bright red Array on the deck. Step on it and you will be teleported to Weeping Isle. Coordinates will be added when edit.

4.1 AOE Team
An AOE team consists of 5 people, namely 3 lurers, 3 Zhens

4.2 Lurers
Lurers play a crucial role in pulling mobs into your line of fire. Most active in a AOE party.
Lurers can be Warriors, WereBeasts.

4.3 Zhens
Zhens play the role of supporting and nuking. There are 2 types of zhen, one is the default zhen, while the other is a targeted zhen. Default zhen means just by clicking on the skill, the Zhen will be activated on the spot, anywhere. The targeted zhen however, is much more complicated, and it applies to Elf Archers.
Zhens consists of Mages, Archers and Elf Priest.
Priest is highly important in an AOE party. Therefore when you want to create an AOE party, make sure you secure a good EP.

5.1 Guide to setting up AOE
Basically there are 2 ways to set up an AOE. The PK way, and the Duel way. Lets go through the first one.

5.2 The PK way
- Hoist Cuddle another person for Vigor.
- Off Pk-safe
- Force Pk, use the skill Arrows Bombards, on the a person who is going to be in your team, preferable one who has high defense.
- When you are still shooting Arrows Bombards, another person must invite you to join party. You must accept this invitation quickly in order not to pk the unfortunate guy.
- As Soon as you accept and you are in the party, the guy who you are bombarding will not take anymore damage, but your Arrows Bombards will continue shooting.
- Start your Transcendental Scroll
- Seat back relax and enjoy the show

- All your loots will fall under your AOE. So if any guy trys to steal your loot, well, lets just say he will be lucky if he survives 2 zhens.
- If your AOE is alligned excatly above you and you are surrounded by MG's zhen, people will find it hard to pk you as they have to break through the Magic Damage (MG), Physical Damage (EA) and the Physical Damage Resistance + Mega AOE (EP).

- You might accidently kill the guy whom you will party with. =X

Note: This method also can be used when you are the only one who suddenly stop your aoe and wants to continue back into the team. This is so that the whole team would not stop when you stop, thus not wasting time.

5.3 The Duel Way
- Form the party
- Hoiste Cuddle a team member for vigor
- Request Duel with EP of the team (reason being they are faster to kill)
- Shot the EP with your Arrows Bombards*
- When the EP loses the duel, your Arrows Bombard will still continue
- Start Transcendental Scroll
- Seat Back , relax and enjoy the show

*Edited: If an EP has more defence than normal (reason being they wear light armour than INT armour), it will be hard to finish them off with arrows bombard without finishing your Mana (MP hierogram doesnt work in duels). Hit them with normal hits until their health is around 1/3 to 1/4 left. Then finish them off with Arrows Bombards.

Not complicated, easy to do and understand. Mainstream technique.


Loot can be KS-ed.

6.1 FAQs
Q: For a 6x, how long can you gain experience in one hour with Transcendental Scroll
A: Around 20-30% exp, depending on how good your lurers are.

Q: Is there anyother downside for AOE leveling
A: Yes, AOE decreases the durability of your Weapon and Armour. After an hour of leveling, most of your Equipements will need to be repaired.

Q: Around how much does it take to AOE for an hour
A: One hour of AOE for EA can take out more than half of a Silver MP Hierogram.**
One Hierogram - 260k-300k
Transcendental Scroll - 90k-100k
Repaire of EQs - 10k-100k, depends really.

Q: Does Arrows Bombards get effected with Critical Chances and weaken distance?
A: Yes, like any other skills (other than lightning based skills) Arrows Bombards get both the Critical Chance and Weaken Distance. Critical Chance, however, does not come in waves, but on each of the mob itself. Meaning, some mob might get critical hit on a wave in an AOE while others dont. ****

Q : Why does my zhen stops after awhile even though I have a full mana hierogram?
A: It can be mainly due to a certain reasons, which Im going to point out one by one.
1 - When you start to AOE on the person, and the person runs out of screen, your AOE will stop.
2 - Your Arrows Bombards lvl needs to be less than Level 3. Reason being if you put more points into this, the mana hierogram will not be able to keep up with the depletion of your existing mana. This is because a Level 3 Arrows Bombards mana cost is more than a Level 1 Arrows Bombards.
If you have leveled this more than level 3, not to fret. Just add some points into INT (though I dont highly recommend this) or just manual grinding. ***
3 - Run out of ammo. Bring around 5k arrows with you. Should be enough.
4 - Broken bow. Fix it Very Happy

Other questions will be reserved later.

Credits to:
**ZeroLimitz for pointing out the error.
*** Polar for reminding me to update.
**** WEEWEE for confirming this.

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Hehe, I've read this on PWI forums before, but great guide anyways! Thanks for posting.



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