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fb 19 guide

Post by Zver on Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:41 pm

What is fb?

Fb is basically a quest where you team up with a group of 2-6 in 3 dungeons.

Cave of Fire (Warrior)
Scorpion cave (Elf)
Wolf den (Beastkind)

What do I do?

First of all, finish your rocco quest for your level 19 cultivation.

for human: http://www.1perfectworld.com/quests/index.php/Quests/HumanCultivationQuest

for beast: http://www.1perfectworld.com/quests/index.php/Quests/BeastCultivationQuest

for elf: http://www.1perfectworld.com/quests/index.php/Quests/WingCultivationQuest

In summary you basically have to kill a certain monster to get an item called rocco man (Seriously I have no idea what rocco man is, or what it looks like). Be it:

Hardback Dinothere for elves
Snowplain Wolven for Humans
Or Cougaron Vanguards for Beastkinds.

This usually takes a while but don't give up you'll get the rocco man in the end.The second you get the rocco man, another quest will pop up requiring you to get rocco grass. Coordinates for each class are stated here:

(368, 685) Beast
(295, 429) Elf
(544, 901) Human

Now run back to your elder to claim your reward and experience. Talk to the elder again and recieve a quest called Iron blood tablet. It's easy since you automatically recieve the tablet.

Travel to your specified dungeon with people (Preferrably 4 or 5) lots of high levels wanna do it because its just easier than training so it's not hard to find a group of them to do it for you.

Once you're inside the cave theres 2 NPC's the drunken Poet and the Iron blood tablet. The drunken poet is where you use the wine (Which clears the cave out of all the monsters) and the Iron blood tablet is where you activate the quest.

What are my rewards?

You get a nice level 20 weapon that glows blue when you equip it. The other people in your party get 6000 xp and a blood of heteromorph beast which can be used to make weapons.

EXP is dependant on level. Higher the level = More xp.
This is if you are tagging along, not the person who has the tablet.


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