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Post by Odin on Mon Sep 08, 2008 11:05 pm

The PW/MS open beta (no wipe) has begun.

Welcome to EXIT & Dynasty.

We are on the Wodan (PvP) server.

Our forums work best with the Mozilla Firefox browser. You can find the download for that browser HERE.

Forum registration is not required for posting in this section. Post as you wish.

EXIT: - Our "Main" guild for our "Main" characters. Level 3 - 200 slots. GM - Wisp.
---Level requirement - Level 30 minimum.
---Exceptions are considered on a, case by case, basis.

---New members (3 weeks & under) and levels 1-39 are in the EXIT2 "Usergroup" with no access to the War Room.
---When the EXIT slots are full, Dynasty is used.
---The most active & helpful Dynastys can transfer to EXIT, and the least active EXITs may transfer to Dynasty.

Dynasty: - EXIT's "Alt" guild. - Level 2 - 100 slots. GM - Kinky_.
---Used for EXIT alts., recruits, & least actives, as needed.

---With Dynasty as a "new member" guild, we will learn 2 important things about members. 1. Activity 2. Loyalty.
---This helps protect EXIT from random spies interesting in our business.
---This helps protect EXIT from distractions caused by "plants" by other guilds, interested in disrupting EXIT from the inside.

Forum membership is automatic (no email).
The forum advertisements go away when you log in.
Your In Game Name is a required field.
You will be put in the default forum "Usergroup" named "Members", until your EXIT or Dynasty membership is verified. (Usually within a few hours).

EXIT wants loyal, fun loving, active, and helpful team players. If we are successful, we win the game.

If you choose to register, introduce yourself.
---Make a new topic and post as you wish. Ofc, PW xp, MMO xp, PW level, and other info. helps us get to know you.

Note: Most of our forums are accessable to members, but being in the EXIT or Dynasty "Usergroups", allows you in sections reserved for those "Usergroups".

Welcome, thanks for your cooperation, have a cookie and make yourself at home.

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