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another archer guide

Post by jerimithomas on Tue Aug 26, 2008 11:12 pm

Archers Life

First of all this will be my first guid and all info u need ..i hope ^^

The Elven archer is a mainly agilty based class, very little hp. But excellent range
This is the fatsest class, meaning if you were to do a foot race with every other class with no skill boosts you would win.
And the skill damage is very good as long as you keep your distance.
If the monsters get close to do damage, your agility will kick in and many times the monsters will miss. Oh by the way since your agility is high you get a critical hit % for every 20 agility.

This class needs to be far away from melee classes. PVP with magic classes..a little hard since their spells hit 100%, and since you have little hp. -> althought this gots me wondering how good the archer is in PVP donít worry we have alot off reduce speed skill etc etc ^^
You can fly and use flying mounts, but air battles are disabled during City Battles.

Pros and cons about archer
Pros: Mage killer, fast and agile, painful crits, lots of spamable skills!
Good last hitter, usualy the class which kills the fleeing foes. 

cons: If the target gets close, reduced damage. Lacks the base fire power and also the atack speed of melee. Not exactly the high HP type of class.. seemingly vulnurable to both melee and mage,Not really good def against magic nd weak to melee. <- so again we have our skill and its not like u canít invest in some HP and Def urself ,no ? 

About the -50% dmg reduction when the mob is at melee range. It also applies to them (The monsters). If you fight against a ranged mob be sure to attack at melee ranged to cut there dmg in half. XD Well, not useful if your using ranged weapon too... but in PW theres no weapon restriction. Means, an archer can equip a dual sword too.
I would sugest as i have read to use claws cause they have almost the same stats as bows 

The Weaponshop
In any town. Remeber to buy the correct one for your bow/sling. Top row is for bows, secondrow is for crossbows, third row is for slings. Note each column has a level requirement too. 1st column you can buy for all levels of your weapon, 2nd row starts at weapon level 4 third column is for weapon level 7 and above. -> this is helpfull for the MY version if u donít understand ,but when the english version comes out u will be able to read it ^^

Some cool skills wich help ^^
You don't need to switch weapons if u play ur cards right , even though there's a 50% dmg reduction, the number of skills spammed before the monster gets close is enough.

Skill tree

There's a freezing arrow to which slows down the monster hence being able to cast more skills.

There's also a skill which reduces dmg taken from an enemy for a X number of dmg and there's DODGE to back up for the

Pro and cons about the 3 weapon choises
weapon speed : sling 0,71/s > bow 0,67 > crossbow 0,62
damage (min+max/2) : crowwbow> bow > sling
lower range : sling 4.5m > bow 5m > crossbow 5.5m i think from what i found -> doní know

General stats ,if u want to know what build u wanna go Smile

Con = Increases health (HP)

Int = Elemental and Magic damage/resistance (MP)

Str = Physical strength (Melee Damage, Physical DEF)

Dex = Dexterity/agility attribute value (Ranged Attack Damage, Dodge)

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