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The Build'S

Though there are tons of different build for a Archer, they are mainly classified into 3 areas - Damage Type, Tanking Type and Hybrid Type

Damage Type - pure -> every lvl: 1 str, 4 agi

DEX STR ARCHER - add to your strength according to the minimum requirement for light armor and rest of stats into dexterity

Dex archer has extremely high damage but, with the small hp pool makes them not as useful for guild fight/GvG

PROS: High damage, high dodge rate, high hit rate.
CONS: Low hp

Tank Type

DEX CON ARCHER - add to your strength and dexterity according to the minimum requirement for light armor, rest of points into constitution.

dex con archer are perhaps what we can call a werebeast wannabe archer, they work well against wu xia which archer fear most. Though with a lack of damage, the main skill used by archer when killing wu xia are the thunder type skill since they are gold element attack (hence denying wu xia advantage of high physical armor). Those thunder type skill uses fix dmg hence reducing the penalty of low dmg.

PROS: High hp pool and higher def compared to dex archer
CONS: low dmg, low dodge, low hit rate

Hybrid Type - -> every lvl: 1 str, 3 agi, 1 con (normal hybrid) or - every 2 lvl: 2 str, 7 agi, 1 con (“half” hybrid)

DEX CON STR ARCHER - add to your strength according to the minimum requirement for light armor, pump your dexterity according to the minimum requirement for bow/crossbow, rest of points into constitution

By having a slightly higher con, it solves the problem of survivability issue in Guild Fight/GvG. It also makes it easier to survive when doing FB (Instance Dungeon) or normal leveling against magic-type mob due to the higher hp pool

PROS: rather high dmg, rather high dodge, rather high hit rate, average hp pool, higher def compared to dex archer
CONS: same as PRO

the weapons
There are 3 type of range weapons in PW; Bow, Crossbow and Slingshot

Bow has average minimum dmg and average maximum dmg, average attack speed and average shooting distance (1 metre shorter than crossbow, 1 metre longer than slingshot).

Crossbow has low minimum dmg, high maximum dmg, slow attack speed and far shooting distance.

Slingshot has average minimum dmg, average maximum dmg, fast attack speed, and short shooting distance.

Skill Description

Aimed Shot - This skill is worthless if you are going to level it. The damage it increase is lower than another skilled acquired at later stage: fatal shot which can be cast even faster than aimed shot. Though at earlier level, it is still useful, but if you had left it at level 1, it will be useful for pvp/pve later on. After casting it, press esc or cast the skill again. This will cancel your skill and cause an attack at a speed of 0.6 seconds (archer normal atk spd is around 1.6 secs). By using an attack like this, player can gain 10 combat points which is important for PvP and sometimes PvE. If u had pumped aimed shot to a higher lvl, the mana cost wouldnt be cheap. at level 1 all this bonus would be granted to you onli at a cost of 10 mana.

Double Shot - Damage increament of this skill is rather low, making it quite a worthless skill at higher level. But at the start of game with no other attack skill, Double Shot is really important. Getting it to level 3 is recommended since at the 4th level of this skill your character would be level 13 and Falling Thunder skill would be available. After changing to god/demon it would be quite a good skill to get since it has 50% chance to increase 20 combat points for god. And 50% chance to increase 30% aspd for 6 seconds, which makes archer shoot at a rate of 1.1 seconds on average per shot (original atk spd is around 1.6 seconds). Demon path would be much better for a dex archer who depends on normal attack. Max it after u hit level 89 and with excess gold/skill points.

Repelling Arrow - This is an extremely important skill for leveling and FB (Instance Dungeon). It has a 100% chance to knockback your target for 12 metre (provided ur skill didn't miss). In FB where monster are mostly packed together, FB can be used to drag 1 unit to you. When Repel Arrow strikes it's target, it pushses them back first then deal the damage. Therefore, the mob would only summon those around it's new position (the knockback-ed position) and attack you. This skill does not work against player. The skill dmg added is quite low and it has no other effect other than increasing the skill dmg when level-ed and also due to the lack of skill points, I recommend leaving it at level 1. Max it when you have excess gold/skill points after level 89.

Binding Arrow - This skill is important for PvP and PvE. It is meant to replace Ice Arrow. This skill cost 100 combat points in addition to it's mana cost. It has 90% chance to hold it's target and 100% when level 10 (need confirmation, this info was taken from the detailed chinese archer guide under my reference). This skill adds around 3.5k damage when maxed which is quite high. Recommended to pump whenever possible.

Fainting Arrow - The only skill that has stun effect for archer (Unless u chose god then binding arrow will have chance to stun it's target). Chance to stun is 45% at level 1 and 90% when max. Total casting time is 2.1 seconds and stun effect is 3 second, therefore not recommended for PvE usage. (quite useful for PvP). Max it after hitting lvl 89 when you have excess gold/skill points.

Fatal Arrow - One of the highest damage skill available to Archer. Total cast time required is 3.6 seconds but adds 5k dmg and 100% physical attack. Good skill for opening shot when leveling. When combo with Fainting arrow in PvP, it is 2 hit ko on most Priest/Fa Shi or Archer (if both skill hit and they are Dex Archer). Recommended to pump whenever possible.

Arrow Array - The highest dmg AOE skill available to Archer it has a channeling effect. This skill is similar to an AOE skill fa shi has. This skill uses up 200 combat points and deals 4.5k dmg and 200% physical attack when max. From the chinese guide, they recommend leaving this skill at level 1 for leveling purposes and max it for PvP. I haven't tried this skill myself.

Falling Thunder - This skill does gold element damage (ignores target's physical defense). It does full damage even when in melee range, making it an extremely useful skill. Adds 2.2k dmg when max. Mana cost is rather high for this skill, try not to spam it like crazy when leveling unless money is irrelevant to you. For demon path this skill has 100% hit rate but skill delay increase by 2 seconds. Has 25% chance to increase 20 combat points for god path. Recommended to pump whenever possible.

Shocking Thunder - This skill is similar to falling thunder, even the dmg it adds is the same. Difference is a longer casting time (2.3 secs for this skill and 1.8 secs for Falling Thunder), reduce targets gold defense for 15 seconds (50% reduction when max). Although it reduce gold defense by 50%, this reduction only applies to equipment defense.


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