Guide for WF (pvp-pk)

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Guide for WF (pvp-pk)

Post by Zver on Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:45 pm

werefoxes only have one debuff called banish malediction. when you are higher leve you can choose to use god or evil. the god one gives banish malediction a 5m aoe while evil lowers its cooldown by 25 seconds. if u are talking about pve, werefoxes rarely need to use debuff. normally, monsters cast their skills when they are dying and die before you even notice and bother to debuff. in pvp, debuffing is indispensible. you can never win a archer w/o debuff. it is more useful in dueling since people dont use pots while dueling and the time they use to rebuff (if they choose to do so) will usually seal the match in your favour. in pking, the initial cooldown for the debuff is usually too long.

you are right to say fox form is for pvp and pve while caster form is only for pve. caster form in pvp does nothing but give people the thrill of killing you. even as a con caster or light armour caster, warriors and archers usually kill you in a few seconds while you raise your hand to cast spells. on the other hand fox form is much much stronger in pvp, with lots of life and a pet to make up for a low damage (lower than warriors/archers/mages). with life depriver and intersoul switch, you just cant die.

as for pve, both are good though mages are easier to play. fox form tend to rely much on your pet. the main thing about werefoxes is that you will have a lot of money because you dont have to buy pots, infact my inventory usually overflows with potions from picking from monsters and i have to give them to friends or npc them. so use money to your advantage (for getting good equipment, socketing equipment with high lvl stones etc etc). werefox is a very fun and versatile class to play.

check out this guide:
it tells you some of the advantages and disadvantages of the many different builds.


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