Enchanting your weapon and armor

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Enchanting your weapon and armor

Post by Zver on Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:43 pm

This is not a cheap business. It's VERY expensive. If you want to have any chance, try to have atleast 1m floating around if enchanting a weapon or 500k for armor.

Now, heres what you need to enchant.
A piece of armor, or a weapon
Mirage stones (1 for armor, 2 for weapon)
An item mall stone (THIS IS OPTIONAL!!!!)

To start, goto an elder. Doesn't matter which, any of them should work. I used ADC elder for this example.

Click on the Refine Equipment.

Then youll see this window (minus the stuff ive put in)

Lets look at that window for a moment. The top box is where you put the item you want in. Then we got some horrible descriptions.
Heres what it should say:

To enchant you need: (2) Mirage Stones for weapons and (1) Mirage Stone for Armor/Accessories.
The higher the grade the higher the bonus

When enchanting is successful, it will add bonuses to your item.
When enchanting fails, you will lose all enchants on the item.

Below you can use additional items for special effects

Below that it shows the amount needed like:

Refine the mirage sto          2/20

That means it needs 2 of your 20 mirage stones to attempt to enchant.

Now were at the bottom where you see another box with an item ive put in. That is an TerraMalefic Stone. You can buy them from the item mall for 50 coins each and when your enchant fails it will instead only lose one enchant. Normally, you would lose all of them.

Once you get all the stuff you need in place click Refine at the bottom. In the box above, it will show you if it succeeded or failed.

Congratulations, you now know how to enchant.

Wondering what is usual  results were?from 20 of the mirage stones, it worked 3 times. The rest failed.

To know what enchant you got up to, it will have a +x at the end. X being the enchant level.


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