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Post by Dreagos on Wed Aug 20, 2008 11:28 pm

The following uses a level 89 werefox character with NPC gears:

*Building off of the 80-series Light Mail Armor, which requires 90 str/agi.
**Gives a level 50 Helm. Using Attack Rings. Physical Defense Accessories.
***Sets 80-Series Wheel as Weapon, costing 267 Int.
****Remainder to Con (18).

HP:2482 MP:5340 Patk:535 Matk:899 PDef:1866 MDef:2323
Crit:6 Aspd:1.25 Hit:630 Evade:714 Move:5.1

*Replace the previous with Mystic Armor, 49 str.
**Use a level 80 Hat. Using Attack Rings. Physical Defense Accessories.
***Sets 80-Series Wheel as Weapon, costing 267 Int.
****Match HP with Con as Above (29), remainder to agi (120).

HP:2484 MP:5585 Patk:502 Matk:899 PDef:796 MDef:3418
Crit:7 Aspd:1.25 Hit:840 Evade:894 Move:5.1

Set both to Fox Form:

HP:2482 MP:4274 Patk:1177 Matk:899 PDef:4105 MDef:2323
Crit:6 Aspd:1.25 Hit:1890 Evade:714 Move:5.1

HP:2484 MP:4468 Patk:1104 Matk:899 PDef:1751 MDef:3418
Crit:7 Aspd:1.25 Hit:2520 Evade:894 Move:5.1

Level 59 Spell (10): 7264 Wood Damage, 1816 to Player
Level 59 Fox Atk (10): 6405 or 6332 Phys Damage, 1601 or 1583 to Player

Step by step, notice that when we use both armor builds and try to keep HP about the same (aka, Con at nearly nothing) exactly how stats compare. Notice that only with Mystic armor can you control how much agi/con you will have, since light mail is absolute. This also proves that Heavy Mail is out of the picture, since it needs more stats in Str/Agi.

First off, notice exactly how much Str affects damage. It doesn't. Almost 1/5th your points in Str, and nothing to show for it. Hit/Evade though rises drastically due to being able to add so much agi. But if you believe this much is not required, you can almost double your HP by adding to Con instead. A Balance can be found between Agi and Con. This is important because 2.5k hp is REALLY low, half that of a typical Mage or Priest. Your Physical Defense is that of an Archer with the Light Mail build, except your dodge is far less. This makes it seem like you are just a weak archer wannabe. Using Mystic Armor, not only do you have a nearly guaranteed accuracy with the above stats (75% more accuracy with Mystic Armor), but you then balance dodge with Mdef, which gives you more MDef then an Archer by quite a bit, yet more Dodge/PDef then a Mage by a lot as well.

By now, you are probably saying that it just seems like a matter of opinion on builds, but there is an important fact. 2520 is probably far more accuracy then you would need. You could last with 49 Agi instead of 120 (49 agi is how much a WB would have, but you still get the accuracy bonus), and if thus the rest goes into Con, you would have about 3333 HP yet still have a good rate of accuracy. The key is the HP. Most classes have 4k hp by this point, including Mage and Priest. Archers almost have 4k HP too (archers are otherwise the lowest in HP if you don't include WF). Having only 2.5k hp will not be enough to do a melee attack before sustaining massive damage, if not already death. A Fox-Form's top priority is HP, because it is their only weakness, they get bonuses in everything else. (A Mystic Armor Fox has about as much PDef as a Light Mail Tamer, but far more MDef.)

A Light Mail Fox is doomed for failure because of insufficient HP. It's a restrictive build which is incapable of balancing stats required. If you talk about how much you don't need to worry about HP because you will have a summon as a tank, for some wild reason when using Fox Form, Mystic Mail still gives you the extra stats useful for either overused accuracy or mana (and Light Mail's only advantage is the PDef, you can even boost MDef further otherwise).

People may be interested in the PDef because early on in the game magic is rare, but it doesn't stay that way. In PVP, you can even add elemental damage to your weapons using a crafting item, making MDef more important then PDef generally. Such means that defense mostly comes down to who has the most HP (which is why WB owns in the Tank Department, they have that by far). Meaning, if you set Light Mail, you are only costing your strenghts to get second-rate improvements to your weaknesses. So far, the formula for defense seems to say that the damage reduction difference between the five at around that level would be about (rounded) 800-10%, 1800-20%, 2400-25%, 3500-40%, 4100-45%. The loss in HP is not worth this "~25% Reduction" rise in PDef & "~15% Reduction" loss in MDef.

One last note, I doubt you can even add to the 18 Con for the Light Mail build much after it, since the stats after will be needed to prepare for the light mail armor soon to get right after, which need 10 more str and 10 more agi, as well as still saving for the new weapons (40 more to Int). This is 10 levels worth of stats, which actually means you will be late in getting most of your equipment. Since 100+ equipment is not yet available, no telling if you would have the stats for it. This means that Light Mail will be a hassle as well.


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