Families and other relevant info

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Families and other relevant info

Post by Dreagos on Mon Feb 16, 2009 2:42 pm


Families consist of up to 15 members. One person leads that family and there are no officer posistions (to my knowledge). It costs 5 gold to create a family and the leader of that family must be over lvl 25. Some advantages to creating a family is that you recieve what are call family buffs.

These buffs provide families with extra enhancements to their stats than other people do not get if they are not in a family. As you can see these skills can be leveled up. It took us some time to figure out but you can get quests that you do as individuals and also as a family group that can level up these skills so they become more powerful. Here are some examples of skills that have been leveled up a few times.

So as far as i can tell families are a very easy way to get things accomplished in the game, whether it's doing quests to level up the guild or getting some help with a quest you are on. (i.e. boss kills or higher lvl mob grinding)

I will post again when we have learned more about families and also about how clans work.

Dreagos (Dalmon in ZX)
Nemesis family leader

Side note: I hope some of you guys will come on over and give this game a shot. It really has alot of nice features to it that PW does not Very Happy.


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