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Post by Zver on Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:48 pm

Depends what we're talking about, duels or pk.
With pk, don't even bother attacking wb's.
EP's aren't weak, but you just don't have enough power to break his hiero.

And duels, well, i usually sleep him as soon as the duel starts, mdebuff him, advanced fury burst, thunder wield, then quickly a cyclone to slow him down.
After that, just kite him with cyclone. If he's able to hit you with his ranged attack, just open plume barrier, if not, keep jumping around and spam cyclone.

Might sound like a lame and cheap tactic, but if we just stand there and spam skills we're dead meat.

Mages, they're not that hard for us. Since we have a physical spell, and high mdef.

Most mages start off with blasting point, which can be cast quicker than our spells, so we have to deal with it. Let him attack once, then just sleep, adv fury and spam plume quilt.
should be done by now xD.

EA's are a bit tougher,especially the ones smart enough to use wingrise before the duel, which makes them unaffected by sleep for 15 seconds.
Only thing to do here is use plume barrier, and use cyclone.
I don't recommend using thunder wield, because its very likely to get cancelled by the skills the EA uses on you.

If you do fight a dummy EA who doesn't use wingrise, its not that hard.
Just sleep, plume barrier, mdbuff, adv fury, thunder wield + cyclone + quilt + cyclone. Most EAs cast their own barrier before the duel, but it only defends against the first skill.
Most of the time, you will have won by now.

Warriors, can be tough, just sleep and use the same tactic as on wb's, but use both sleep and paralyze this time. Since they probably start off with a cloud sprint to get near you.

Once they're near, its hard to get out, since WR's have many stun skills.
So try to keep your distance at all costs.

Werefox, really tricky if you make a common mistake.
They have bramble guard, some sort of barrier that absorbs a huge amount of damage for 15 seconds. Most wf's use this first.
Attacking the wf while bramble is on is pointless.
Ontop of that, they have pets, with bleed skills, which hurt ALOT.
Way more than the wf itself can damage you, mostly cause all her attacks are magical, which don't hurt us alot.

Sleep the WF as soon as she casted bramble, then run around and kite the pet till its dead. If bleed does hit u, purify quickly and keep running again. It shouldn't take more than 10-15 seconds to take out the pet.
By the time you're done killing the pet, bramble should be over, and your sleep still active.
Use advanced fury, pdef debuff and spam quilt (when fighting a robe wf), or mdef debuff + thunder wield + cyclone (when fighting a heavy wf).

Against another EP is pretty tough.
For robe builds, what i usually do is let them sleep me first, they'll probably use plume barrier, pdef debuff, advanced fury and then spam quilt.
As soon as the first quilt hits me, i quickly use my own sleep.
Cause advanced fury+ pdeff debuff and that quilt took like 1/3 from my hp, i use whist heart about 3 times, and wait a few seconds.
When their plume barrier wears off, (rougly 15 seconds after casting your sleep), quickly cast your own, pdef debuff, advanced fury and spam quilts.
A con build will take about 3-4 quilts to kill, an int build 2-3.

Light armor can be a bit more tough, i suggest starting off the same, but instead of quilts use mdef debuff, adv fury and start off with a thunder wield, cyclone, quilt, cyclone and another quilt if necessary.

Important thing is here that you let them use their annoying skills first, like sleep and barrier. Cause if they used it first, it means they won't be able to use it for some time, which gives you the advantage, because you CAN use them now.
You will get some damage, but one quilt won't take you down.

These are duel tactics mostly. Tho they can be used in real pk if the target isn't using a hp hiero.
I haven't really been working on pk tactics yet, so i can't really help you with those.


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