Using Soulstones (SA for weapons and armors)

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Using Soulstones (SA for weapons and armors)

Post by Zver on Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:42 pm

1. What are Soulstones?

Soulstones are basically items that you can put in your armour or weapon to give increased stats. Soulstones can add Physical Attack, Magic Defense, Dodge Rate, Accuracy and other things. They can be bought from npcs, player shops, and dropped by monsters. There are 10 different kinds of soulstones, 5 of them adding generic stats, 5 of them adding elemental stats. Soulstones that are put into armour generally give a defensive type bonus, whereas soulstones put into weapons generally give an offensive type bonus.

Here's a list of what effect each soulstone gives (weapon/armour):

Fiery-Red Soulstone - Physical Attack/Physical Defence
WhiteBrume Soulstone - Magic Attack/Magic Defence (All elements)
Trenchancy Soulstone - Accuracy/Dodge
Lazuli Soulstone - Maximum MP
Jargoon Soulstone - Maximum HP

White Jade Soulstone - Metal Damage/Metal Defence
Beryl Soulstone - Wood Damage/Wood Defence
Balas Soulstone - Fire Damage/Fire Defence
Jet Soulstone - Water Damage/Water Defence
Topaz Soulstone - Earth Damage/Earth Defence

In a later version of this guide I will add a table of which soulstone gives which stat and how much at each grade of soulstone.

2. Buying Soulstones

Grade 1 Soulstones can be bought from the npcs named 'Merchandizer' in almost all of the towns. The cost of a grade 1 soulstone is 530 gold.

Grade 5 Soulstones can also be bought from the npcs named 'Master of Synthesis' in some towns. The cost of a grade 5 soulstone is 60k.

Soulstones of all grades can be bought in player shops and at the auction house. Sometimes they will be cheaper than buying from the npcs and sometimes they will be more expensive. The trouble with buying from players is that it is quite difficult to find the soulstone that you need when you want it.

3. Synthesizing Soulstones

Many people wonder how to get Soulstones other than Grade 1 or Grade 5 since they aren't sold by any npcs. Soulstones may be synthesized to make better ones. For example, three Grade 1 Soulstones will make one Grade 2 Soulstone. This is done at the npcs named 'Master of Synthesis' in towns.

Here is the conversion rate:

3x Grade 1 Soulstone = 1x Grade 2 Soulstone
3x Grade 2 Soulstone = 1x Grade 3 Soulstone
3x Grade 3 Soulstone = 1x Grade 4 Soulstone
4x Grade 4 Soulstone = 1x Grade 5 Soulstone
4x Grade 5 Soulstone = 1x Grade 6 Soulstone
4x Grade 6 Soulstone = 1x Grade 7 Soulstone
5x Grade 7 Soulstone = 1x Grade 8 Soulstone
5x Grade 8 Soulstone = 1x Grade 9 Soulstone
5x Grade 8 Soulstone = 1x Grade 10 Soulstone

4. Putting Soulstones into your Weapon/Armour

In order to put Soulstones into your pieces of armour or your weapon, it must first have sockets. The number of sockets that an item has is random, and once an item exists sockets cannot be added (nor taken away). An item can have up to 4 sockets. One Soulstone uses up one socket.

If you wish to put a soulstone inside your socketed item, go to a blacksmith, tailor or jewller and choose 'Soulstone Syncretizing'.

Your weapon/armour goes in the top slot, and the soulstone that you want to use goes in the bottom slot. It will then tell you how much it will cost to put the soulstone into your weapon/armour. When you're happy that everything is correct, click 'Synthesize', and your weapon/armour will now have that soulstone in it.

5. Removing Soulstones

If you have soulstones in your weapon/armour and would like them removed, you can go to a Blacksmith, Jeweller or Tailor and select Equipment Purify.

Put the item you wish to remove the soulstones from into the slot. When you are ready to remove the soulstones, click 'Purify'. This removes the soulstones from your weapon/armour. The soulstones are not returned to your inventory, they are destroyed. So make sure that if you use this option you know that you will not get your soulstones back.

6. Soulstone Glows

If you put 2 or more Grade 5 or higher Soulstones into your armour, that particular piece of armour will glow. This requires a grade 5 or higher piece of armour with at least 2 sockets in it.


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