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Quick Newbies guide

Post by Zver on Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:31 pm

This is a copy of the same Quick Newbies guide found on www.1perfectworld.com

Hello! If you are a new-comer, I suggest you read this quickly, you will get the idea about the game fast without problems. (hopefully).

First, Let's talk about character creation, which is very simple.

1. You will have to choose a race and a class. Now let me explain races and classes.

a. Humans:
Humans don't really have anything special about them, but they still have advantages. As a human, you can be either a warrior or a mage.

--1. Warrior:

The humans' melee class. You can choose from over 13 kinds of weapons. Your build can range between 3 stats: Str,Agi, and Cons.

--2. Mage:

The class that deals the most damage in the whole game. But still, you will lack defense and HP. Put most of your stat points into Int, I would put some Cons too for HP. You can use all magical instruments as a mage.

b. Beasts:
As a beast, you will be able to transform into either a White Tiger, or a Fox. The classes are:
--1. Werebeasts(Male ONLY):

The beast tanks. You can wield 4 weapons, the heavy ones. Hammers, Axes, Dual hammers and Dual axes. Can transform into a White tiger.

--2. Werefoxes(Female ONLY):

I don't have much info on this race but you can tame monsters and have them as pets. You can transform into a Fox. You are basically a mage, but you won't have skills as strong as the human mage's skills. Can use all magic instruments.

c. Elves:
As an elf, you get to fly since the begining of the game. Other than that, they are just like humans except for a few things.

--1. Elf Archers:

I have no idea about this class, but you can use Bows, Crossbows and Slingshots.
you need dex mostly (3-4 each lvl up, depends on build), you need str only to wear armor (light armor is most common). If you wear light armor, keep your Str 4 points above your lvl and you'll be fine. Con is optional.

--2. Elf Priests:

The elf mage class. They can cast, heal and buff too. Concentrate on Int and Cons for this class. More Int, ofcourse. And don't forget to heal yourself in PvP. Can use all magical instruments.

Now let's move on. In the character creation screen, you will have SO many options. So try to create a beautiful character.

Let's say you are in-game now. First thing you do is talk to the NPC near you, should be called "Quest Guide" or something.
After you finish the first quest, you will eventually find yourself doing the rest of the quests.

Now since I got you through the begining, it's time to learn how to use the many systems and tools in the game.

1-- The Quest Search system:
This will simply tell you which NPCs have quests for you. This is essential for finding quests later on in the game.

It's really simple, here are the 2 steps you have to do.

1. Open up the Quest Window. (The icon marked or by pressing Q)

2. Click on "Search Mission".

If you nothing happens when you click the button, that means you don't have any quests.

But if you do have a quest, It will tell you the name of the NPC and where to find it. As in this screenshot:

Alright, so now you know where you want to go, in numbers that is.
Now those numbers are called Coordinators, Coords for short. Coords change when you move, basically, every spot in perfect world has its coords.

Now, using Coords, you will be able to find places more easily.

For example, when you Search Mission and find an NPC you need to go to. This is what you do, using the Map Marking system.

2--Map Marking system:

It's easy, you just open up the window like this..

This is an explanation of everything in the window:

So, if for example you're looking for the elder, double click him when you're inside the village he's in. His mark will be on your map, so you can follow it. (Also, you can follow the Blue arrow on your screen).

This is how the mark looks on the map:

So let's say you found something and you want to save its location, this is what you do.

You just open up the window. The coords of the place you're in should already be there. So just click on the green arrow button, then choose a name for it.

Well, I believe you get the idea now.

Now let's talk about the Production skills.

They are Passive skills you get at Level 5 by doing certain quests. (From the Elder).

Let's say you have the Blacksmith skill. Now what do you need to start making weapons?

You need ingredients. And they're a real pain in the ass to get. For example, you need iron, how can you get it?

You got 2 ways. If you're rich and don't care about your money, buy the ingredients from other players.

The second way, the original, requires you to have a Shovel.
You can buy a Shovel from any Merchandiser in any town. What's that? You don't know where he is? Use your Map Marking system to find him.
Oh, also note that the Shovel costs 2 mighty thousand gold, but it stays with you till the end of the game (unless you throw it away).

Now run out of town and look for the ingredients you need. You will see rocks of iron lying around, some nectar... Basically, everything is at random places so... Good luck finding them! Smile

That's about it for now. I think I will update this later again though.


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