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Holiday Event

Post by Odin on Mon Dec 22, 2008 1:23 pm

QUOTE=Beelzebub: The festivities have arrived in the lands of Pangu and in the true spirit of the season we are pleased to announce a series of events full of fun, enjoyment and rewards. The events will begin on Christmas Eve 24th December 2008 and will run for 2 weeks. Here is some information to wet your appetites...

Collect and sort the Christmas Cards (Daily Quest)
In this brand new daily quest your task is to collect, trade and return full sets of Christmas cards to the Christmas tree (located in cities across the world). Each day you will be given a pack of the cards from the tree, which will include a random assortment of jumbled cards. In order to successfully complete the quest you will need to collect and trade these cards from various sources to make a complete and full set.

Different quests are available to different levels:

  • If you are between level 20 and 54 your mission is to collect cards from 1 to 7 (using the cards given by the Christmas tree). Upon returning these cards to the tree you will be rewarded with a Small Xmas box.
  • If you are level 55 or higher you will need to not only collect cards from 1 to 7, but will also need to visit different NPCs around the world who hold the Xmas Wish cards (8-14). By returning cards 1-7, along with one of the Wish cards, you will receive a Big Xmas box.
  • For levels 75 and above you have the opportunity to win big. Not only will you need to collect all of the Wish cards (from 8 to 14) but you will also need to collect the final set of Xmas World cards(15-21), only available by stealing them from monsters across the lands. By returning the Christmas card set (1-7), Xmas Card set (8-14) and any one of the World Cards (15-21) you will be rewarded with the following prize:

  1. If you return the sets with World Card 15 you will receive a Christmas Guardian Charm
  2. If you return the sets with World Card 16 you will receive a Perfect Cookie (20)
  3. If you return the sets with World Card 17 you will receive 8000 spirit
  4. If you return the sets with World Card 18 you will receive a Christmas Spirit Charm
  5. If you return the sets with World Card 19 you will receive a Chocolate Box
  6. If you return the sets with World Card 20 you will receive a Mirage Celestone (7)
  7. If you return the sets with World Card 21 you will receive Mysterious Chips (10)
  8. If you manage to collect all three sets you will be rewarded with the extra special prize of the Blessing of Christmas. This bless will give you a permanent boost of +1% Crit rate; a stat certainly worth winning.

Santa’s Little Helpers
During the event period monsters from all across Perfect World will drop a special item known as the Christmas Card. Stolen from Santa, this card should be returned to him directly (or through his helper Tu Heng) and in doing so Santa will reward you with a very special quest...

Special Christmas Chocolates’
Christmas just isn’t Christmas without good food and what better way to bring cheer and happiness than with a good bar of Chocolate? Yet while many of us may wish to visit our local NPC for a bar of their finest it may not be possible this year. Troubles to the supply line have left the traders with no products to sell and it threatens to leave the lands without the favourite sugary treat this year...

However there is hope! The suppliers have promised that if they are provided with the essential ingredients they will once again produce the chocolate for your enjoyment. These ingredients can be collected from across the lands and include:

  • Edible Pigment which is believed to be found while gathering coal
  • [b]Chocolate Syrup which is rumour is true can be found while gathering lumber
  • [b]Chocolate Additive which is found while gathering stone
  • Cocoa Cores can be found while gathering metal

Once collected these basic ingredients can be turned into a whole host of special treats (which you can either consume yourself or give as a gift to a friend) and include:

  • Speed Chocolate which promises to increase your movement speed
  • Power Chocolate which has been rumoured to increase your physical attack power
  • Wisdom Chocolate which is said to have the effect of increasing your magical attack power
  • Memory Chocolate which is believed to help reduce your channelling time
  • Armor Chocolate which has scientifically been proved to increase your physical defense
  • Protection Chocolate which if the product description is to be believed increases your magical defense
  • Force Chocolate which can increase your critical hit rate
  • Longevity Chocolate which has the side effect of increasing your HP recovery rate
  • Energy Chocolate which promises to give you an all important boost to your MP recovery rate

Plus more...
It wouldn’t be in the spirit to reveal all the details but rest assured there is plenty more going on! From snowmen, to special pills with strange effects, there is plenty to enjoy in Perfect World this Christmas.


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