Guild and Recruiting Definitions

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Guild and Recruiting Definitions

Post by Odin on Mon Dec 15, 2008 7:35 pm

As our guild evolves, these guidelines may change, and "how" they change may be decided by guild polls (votes).

As a starting point, the following guidelines have been established:

Dynasty Defined: Level 2 - 100 slots. (Dynasty needs to be a level 3 - 200 slots, for this "big picture" plan to work as good as possible).

Dynasty is our "Main" guild for our "Main" characters.

---Alts. may be in Dynasty, for Dynasty's benefit, and are considered on a case by case basis.
---Use an Alt. guild for our alt. characters, with the exception, described above.
---Use an Alt. guild for VIP members that are temporarily "inactive" due to RL issues, "if" we need the slots in the main guild.

Dynasty is made up of 4 main groups/guilds that have their own GMs (Commanders).

---Each Commander is like a GM of their group, with the same privleges as Dynasty's GM. (Kick, promote, & demote). More info. of Dynasty officer's duties and privleges are HERE.

---All Dynasty's "final decisions" are made by the votes, of the Dynasty GM and "all" of the Commaders (5 votes so there will never be a tie). This is like a 5 member governing council, for the main guild.

---Subjects for "final decision" votes are taken from the "official polls", that all of us, may vote on.

Recruiting Defined:

1. No minimum requirements. Over time, we will learn who the "actives" are.
2. Fill guild slots (200), with "active", "high leveled", fun, and helpful players.
3. Keep 5 guild slots open, for inviting "high priority" players, during the times the GM and vGM are not "in game", to "evict" "inactives". Only a guild GM or vGM, can "evict" anyone from a guild. We must always have slots for "high priority" players. If 5 is not enough, we can get more slots the following day.
4. Give low level members coded "titles" so we can easily know how "active" they are.
5. Evict "inactives" as we need slots for "actives".
6. New members (3 weeks & under) are put in the Dynasty2 "Usergroup", with no access to the War Room. Exceptions are considered on a, case by case, basis.
---With Dynasty2 as a "new member" group, we learn 2 important things about our new members, before they get access to the War Room. 1. Activity 2. Loyalty.
---This helps protect Dynasty from random spies interesting in our business.
---This helps protect Dynasty from distractions caused by "plants" by other guilds, interested in disrupting Dynasty from the inside.

Please reply with your thoughts and suggestions.


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