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Post by Odin on Sat Sep 13, 2008 2:52 pm

I saw Linus in the forums and sent him the following PM.

To: Linus
Posted: Yesterday at 10:27
Subject: welcome


glad you came by. have a cookie and make yourself at home.

The following is his reply.

From: Linus
To: Odin
Posted: Yesterday at 10:28
Subject: Re: welcome


Yea i thought it could be good to register here, improve the relations between the guilds and hopefully in the future maby arrange some events that the guilds could share ^^

My reply.

From: Odin
To: Linus
Posted: Yesterday at 10:43
Subject: Re: welcome

good thinking. it is always good to have good relations with other guilds, with or without pking.

i expect we can plan some fun events, seperate from GvG TWs.

i hope your RQ/Rule34 guys, that use the "in your face/up your ass" communication style, learn to avoid vulgar, racist, etc., epithets, in game chat and world shouts.

being civil doesn't prevent excellent gaming performance and reduces the "hate" factor.

I expect that is why your guild name is Illusion and the "old" style of forum "hate" speech is reduced.

I look forward to our contests.

Linus's reply.

From: Linus
To: Odin
Posted: Yesterday at 10:52
Subject: Re: welcome

well some of them just seem to love spamming half useless things.
It was decreased a bit when i gave them the off topic spam part in forum and hopefully it'll be better again when we finally can enter
About the PK part of the RQ/R34 guilds: No random PK is allowed and if we PK we would do it for reasons, towards special targets such as enemy guilds or the random pkers themselves.
anyways, i think i can calm them down soon enough.

We'll just have to wait and see how it all turns out!

My last PM to Linus on this subject.

From: Odin
To: Linus
Posted: Today at 11:11
Subject: Re: welcome

PKing is not the issue.

We have many battle confrontations with others, under different circumstances (PKing, PvPs, GvGs etc.).

The issue is the "hate" speech. People can tease, rib, dog, etc., each other without using vulgar, racist, etc. words in chats.

We have had many forum posts, PK, GvG, Arena, etc., battles, without feeling the need to be "hateful" in our communications.

I hope your guys, that use "hate" speech, can learn "hate" speech is unnecessary for fun gaming, too.

However, if your "hate speech" users, want to engender "hate" for your guild, and you allow it, that is your choice 4 sure.

I, simply hope for fun gaming, without people being "hateful".

As all can see, there is a topic, in MS General (named "The Illusion Guild", with Linus's post and our replys.


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