Guild Government and Duties

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Guild Government and Duties

Post by Odin on Thu Sep 11, 2008 2:56 am

1. Selects the VICE GUILD MASTER.
2. Selects the COMMANDERS.
3. Issues assignments to the vGM, COMMANDERS, CAPTAINS, & MEMBERS.
4. Must know how to have 30+ PMs going at the same time.
5. Makes cookies.

1. Follows the assignments of the GM.
2. Issues assignments to the COMMANDERS, CAPTAINS, & MEMBERS.
2. Gives out cookies.

1. Selects their CAPTAINS (3 per COMMANDER) and MEMBERS.
2. Follows the assignments of the GM & vGM.
3. Issues assignments to the CAPTAINS & MEMBERS, in their group.
4. Maintains approximately 20% (40ish) of our members in his group.
5. Keeps group membership info, up to date.
5. Act as the GM for his group with full GM privs (promote, demote, and evict) for his/her group.
----If someone is evicted from a group, they may join another group.
----If no COMMANDER wants that member, in his group, then that member is evicted from the guild.
----UNLESS, the GM vetos the eviction.
----The GM must then appoint a COMMANDER to have that member in his group, unless/until the GM changes his mind.

It is good for COMMANDERS to:
1. Have a strong loyalty to our guild.
2. Have a strong sense of fairness.
3. Have good diplomacy skills.
4. Be active.
5. Have good knowledge of PW, but "active" usually takes care of that.

1. Follow the assignments of the GM, vGM, & their COMMANDER.
2. Issue assignments to the MEMBERS, in their group.
2. Cleans up cookie crumbs.

1. Follow the assignments of the GM, vGM, their COMMANDER, & their CAPTAIN.
2. Tell thier COMMANDER if the CAPTAINS don't clean up the cookie crumbs.

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